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Enhancing the Lives of Children & Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Porta: Open Door-USA was founded to support the work of
Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door

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Porta: Open Door-USA was founded to support the work of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door
Established in 1972 by a group of parents, Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door is a registered charity (NGO) in Greece that provides comprehensive services to children and adults with cerebral palsy.
During the five decades since its foundation, CPG/Open Door has provided social services, counseling, education, rehabilitation, and respite care to an underserved population. It is now internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field. Based in Athens at the “Open Door Centre of Education and Rehabilitation,” CPG/Open Door is the only organization in Greece that provides services of the highest quality to people of all ages afflicted with cerebral palsy. 
Thanks to CPG/Open Door, children with cerebral palsy can grow to adulthood enjoying equal opportunity to develop as individuals, utilizing their experiences, skills, knowledge and talents to achieve a healthy and productive life.

“We, the ones who are challenged, need to be heard. To be seen not as a disability, but as a person who has, and will continue to bloom. To be seen not only as a handicap, but as a well intact human being."


Your donation will be directed to Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door to support their programs assisting children and adults with cerebral palsy, as well as their families.
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