Who we are

Supporting Children And Adults With Cerebral Palsy And Their Families

Who We Are

Our History

Porta: Open Door-USA was founded in 2016 as a (501) c 3 tax exempt organization to mobilize resources in the United States in support of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door (CPG/Open Door)

CPG/Open Door is one of Greece’s most distinguished and effective non-profit organizations. Since its founding as a public charity 50 years ago, CPG/Open Door has taken the lead

  • in offering educational and rehabilitation services to individuals with cerebral palsy as well as support to their families
  • in training specialized staff
  • in encouraging scientific research, particularly in the field of prevention
  • in promoting public information campaigns and legislation for people with disabilities. 

Our mission

Porta: Open Door-USA will strive to assist the work of CPG/Open Door on all fronts, calling on the wisdom and generosity of members of the Greek-American community as well as philhellenes throughout the United States.

Porta: Open Door - USA

Board of Trustees:

Nicholas T. Zervas, Honorary Chair

Ioannis V. Yannas, Honorary Chair

Catherine deG. Vanderpool, Chair

Anna Alevras Gheissari, Secretary/Treasurer


Alexander Christoforidis

Daphne Phylactopoulou

Marina Couloukoundi

Julie Rinaldini

Maria Goutsou


Your donation will go to Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door in support of children and adults with cerebral palsy, and their families.
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