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Open Door Centre

Inaugurated in 2001, the Open Door Centre of Education and Rehabilitation provides the warmth and comforts of a hospitable Greek home. Its thoughtful design, modern equipment, and skilled staff provide an environment that nurtures and comforts our clients.

The Open Door Centre offers a wide range of comprehensive services and programs for the education and rehabilitation of people of all ages who have cerebral palsy.

Currently we serve 240 infants, children, young people and adults on a daily basis, free of charge. Since 2005, children with cerebral palsy may attend the fully-registered Public Primary School located on our premises.

Services & Programs Offered Include:

Fotini Residential Home

Services & Programs Offered Include:

Training, Seminars and Symposia

Since inception, Open Door has invested in staff development, recognizing the importance of a specialized, experienced, and motivated staff. It has offered a number of scholarships and numerous opportunities for post-graduate training.


Seminars & Conferences

In the past, pre-pandemic, Open Door hosted dozens of international seminars and conferences in Athens, bringing in outstanding scientists to teach and monitor educational courses for all disciplines. These educational activities provided Greece with a valuable, international network of experts. Among these conferences: five international “Life & Art” seminars and the ARTABILITY project.

Clinical & Practical Expericence

Open Door has also cooperated with the Athens Technical School (TEI) to offer clinical and/or practical experience to students of the Occupational Therapy and Social Work Departments.

Housing workshops

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Research & Outreach

Public Education & Outreach

Since its foundation, Open Door has worked to inform the public in Greece about the causes and treatment of cerebral palsy. It has published brochures and produced films; engaged the media; and has developed efforts that reach out to schools and other organizations throughout Greece. In 2006, Open Door launched a program to cooperate with school children throughout Athens, whether taking programs into the schools themselves or bringing schoolchildren into the Open Door Centre.

Open Door also maintains an extensive network of contacts and collaboration with national and international organizations sharing similar aims. It is a founding member of Mazi yia to Paidi (Together for Children), a consortium of ten distinguished Greek non-profits dedicated to children’s welfare.


From the beginning, Open Door has encouraged scientific research and collaborated with specialists, government authorities and related organizations in order to collect accurate information concerning the causes and effects of cerebral palsy and the current situation in Greece. Open Door has presented and published the results of a number of research projects, based on the experience of staff and parents as well as people with cerebral palsy.


Open Door is also the organizational Member for Greece of the International Cerebral Palsy Society. Since 1992, Open Door has operated a number of programs assigned and partly funded by the European Union. With the cooperation of foreign partners during the 16 years that the Open Door Centre has been in existence, we have run 14 European training courses through our two registered training units.

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